is a set of free, online services around MP3. Enjoy! This is just the beginning. Expect more in a near future.

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Video to MP3
Convert any video to MP3. Just select the video on your hard drive or SD card, and let us turn it to MP3. In addition, we guess your MP3 title and cover picture. Your MP3 won't get lost on your smartphone! You can also upload your MP3 to SoundCloud very easily.
FLV to MP3
Convert FLV to MP3 and listen to you favorite song on your smartphone.
MP4 to MP3
You have an MP4 to convert to MP3? Here is the perfect service for you.
AVI to MP3
Turn an AVI to MP3 in a few clicks.
MP3 to Video
Convert your MP3 to video. Choose an MP3 in your personal library and start the MP3 to video conversion. In the process, you have the possibility to choose the background picture that will be used as the video. Want more? You can easily share your converted video on Facebook and YouTube!
MP3 to FLV
Converting MP3 to FLV could not be easier.
MP3 to MP4
Need an MP4? Convert your MP3 to this format easily.
MP3 to AVI
If you need an AVI, this is the right choice.
MP3 to Social networks
Most social networks accept only videos, not MP3. We fill the gap!
MP3 to YouTube
Post your MP3 to YouTube in a few seconds.
MP3 to Facebook
Your MP3 published to Facebook very easily.